LPAT Procedural Order

The process for Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) is specific for each application. Please see this document to help you better understand the process for our specific appeal.

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Controversial EV Royale Proposal Gets Resounding ‘no’ from Mississauga Councillors

Controversial EV Royale proposal gets resounding ‘no’ from Mississauga councillors _ Mississauga.com

Read the Mississauga.com article from Rachael Williams below.


Corporate Report from the Commissioner

This is the Corporate Report from the Edward Sajecki, Commissioner of Planning and Building to the Chair and Members of the Planning and Development Committee for the March 19, 2018 meeting.

Corporate Report for March 19 Mtg of Planning & Development

Here is a response letter from Mr. Rudy Mendez, regarding the upcoming March 19th meeting.

Mendez Letter for March 19 Hearing

Revised Submission from the Developer

Please be advised that the applicant (The Developer) has made their first re-submission since they initially submitted a Development Application to the City September 2016.

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An Information Report and Public Meeting is scheduled for Planning and Development Committee on Monday March 19th, 2018 at 7:00pm in the Mississauga Civic Centre, Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, 300 City Centre Drive.

Please note that there will be no decision made at this meeting, it will simply be to hear from the public.  The City is anticipating that a Recommendation Report and Council direction on the Ontario Municipal Board Appeal will happen sometime in June 2018.  There has been no OMB Hearing date scheduled as of yet.

Letter Writing Campaign

There are 11 template / sample letters for our Letter Writing Campaign to show your opposition to the condo development at 1646 Dundas Street West – OZ 16/009 W7. Which is currently zoned “C4” Mainstreet Commercial.

Templates for 2nd Letter Writing Campaign


Please change, customize and / or reword the letters so each one is not just a copy of the original letter, also contact David Lawton so he can assign you a date so we can spread the letters out and ensure we do not all send in on the same day.

Share with your neighbours and friends so we continue to bombard the Planning Department with our objections on the Mississauga Official Plan.