The City of Mississauga’s 2020 – 2023 Business Plan and 2020 Budget looks to balance new services with maintaining existing services and infrastructure. Residents get value for their tax dollars as money goes toward keeping roads in good repair, maintaining our fire services and providing public transit, parks, recreation programs and more.  

“The City’s operating budget is invested in delivering valued and essential services that residents and businesses rely on every day,” says Jeff Jackson, Director of Finance and Treasurer. “We’re making sure that our 2020 Budget works to provide real results and value for residents while maximizing tax dollars. Our focus remains on making good spending decisions and meeting evolving priorities in the community. Our priority is balancing increasing costs while providing residents and businesses with the levels of service they need.”  

Become familiar with the City’s 2020 Budget and Business Plan
Look through the City’s 2020 Budget and Business Plan and understand why these documents play an important role in shaping our city. Residents can learn more by:
 • Visiting and see what you get for your tax dollars 
• Reading an overview of the 2020 preliminary Business Plan & Budget that was presented to the Budget Committee on June 26, 2019
• Watching for the full 2020 proposed Budget and Business Plan (posted online on November 11)
• Watching or attending Budget Committee deliberations scheduled for October 2, November 18, 19, 25, 26 and 27 (Budget Committee meeting schedules are subject to change)

Get involved with budget engagement from September 16 to October 25
The City’s budget process is transparent and offers several ways for residents to get involved, provide feedback and engage over a four-week period by: 
 • Requesting a meeting for your community group
• Emailing a question or comment to
• Following the City budget conversations and posts on Facebook and Twitter
• Attending or watch a Budget Committee meeting via live stream  
• Signing up for a telephone budget session     
• Trying out the budget allocator tool   

The City’s Budget Allocator Tool
Mississauga’s interactive budget allocator tool for the 2020 Budget is now available at Residents can explore and learn more about City services included in the budget while gaining insight into the overall budget process.  

Jackson added, “The budget allocator is a hands-on way for residents to learn more about what City services cost, how property tax dollars are spent and to tell us about how they want us to invest their tax dollars. It is an opportunity to think about and share what is important and get people involved in the City’s business planning and budgeting process.” 

Residents can use the allocator to test different spending options in 12 service areas. Results from the allocator will be shared at Budget Committee on November 18. The results will help inform the committee’s review of the 2020 proposed Business Plan and Budget. 

Help us understand what matters to you. Visit to stay informed, learn more and share your ideas on the 2020 Budget. 

City Council is expected to approve the final budget at the December 11 Council Meeting.