Dear Neighbour,

Are you a frequent transit goer? Great news! In February, the City Centre Transit Terminal at Square One will undergo a complete interior infrastructure renovation. We will be transforming the City’s busiest facility into an updated space with improved accessibility and services for MiWay customers. The project is expected to be completed by fall 2021.
During the renovations, most of the terminal will remain in use with some areas temporarily out of service. It is anticipated that the elevator will be temporarily out of service from April until July 2020.  Another change, Customer Service for the information booth and fare booths will be relocated, but will remain onsite throughout construction. For more information about the City Centre Transit Terminal renovation visit
Taste of Cooksville is back 
Taste of Cooksville is back by popular demand! On Tuesday January 28th, we held our first Taste of Cooksville Festival Committee meeting. We are already planning for the exciting day. So mark your calendars for Saturday September 19. This time we are extending the hours, so it will be double the fun, from 11AM – 8PM. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, we’d love to have you be a part of what will soon become a fantastic tradition.  Please email to see how you can participate!  

Place Making in Cooksville
Great cities are about exciting public spaces and I want Ward 7 to up its game.   

Re-imagining Cooksville continues to gain steam with a BIA  almost in place and a homegrown festival.  

In even more exciting news,  I am working with city staff  at a potential plan to make Cooksville a cultural node.  
No to more Wards in Mississauga: I voted against a motion to look at adding another ward  in Mississauga. At 80,000 residents I have by far the largest ward by population. I consider it my privilege to serve a large and diverse ward. While, I think there might be merit in looking at adequacy of staffing for councillors, I do not believe that at this point Missisauga needs an additional council seat.
Ward 7 Neighbourhood Improvements
Here is an update on Erindale Village Road re-surfacing:

Proudfoot Street, which includes Low Impact treatment, will be tendered in March/April of this year. In addition the streets below will be included in the contract and will be resurfaced. The work is expected to be done over the summer. We will have a more detailed schedule once the contract is tendered.
– JARVIS ST            

Furthermore the Credit Woodlands area will be included in the 2020 Residential Resurfacing contract and will also be resurfaced this year and will include the streets below. More information will be provided in April 2020 as we will have a contract awarded by then.
– BRIDLEWOOD CRT