Grass clippings are no longer accepted at the curb or Peel Community Recycling Centres.

Grasscycling means leaving the clippings on the lawn after mowing it. It helps keep your lawn healthy while saving you the time and effort of bagging the clippings.

Benefits of grasscycling

It’s better for your lawn and the environment

  • Grasscycling makes your lawn healthy and helps prevent thatch buildup.
  • Fresh grass clippings are 80% water. They protect the soil by keeping moisture in the ground. Grass clippings break down quickly, providing nutrients to your lawn.
  • Cutting grass to a height of 8 cm (3 in) will develop a healthy root system and helps prevent weeds from growing.
  • Grasscycling reduces water use and the amount of fertilizer needed for your lawn.

It’s easier for you

  • Grasscycling saves time and effort. No bagging required.
  • It reduces the need to water your lawn and slows water evaporation from your soil.
  • It reduces the need to fertilize your lawn. The grass clippings break down quickly, adding nutrients to your lawn.