The City of  Mississauga has been making improvements and investments into your neighbourhoods. Sometimes these improvements are easy to spot and sometimes it’s hard to tell. So here is a quick look at some recent investments in your neighbourhoods.

Downtown Core    
A new watermain and sanitary sewer system are being installed. The project is still in progress, but should be completed by spring/summer of 2020. You may have noticed the spruced up, City View Park at Central Parkway and Grand Park Drive where the playground has been redeveloped and a new fitness area added. The picture below shows the park.

Cooksville West Neighbourhood (Huron Park area) :
The aging watermain along Paisley Boulevard West, Whaley Drive, President Boulevard Easements and Consulate Road is being replaced and should be completed by the end of this year. 8 Tennis courts at Huron Park (Credit Valley Tennis Club) have a new irrigation system.    

Cooksville East – Munden Park Area: Mississauga got another new trail and part of it runs through Ward 7. Hopefully more of you will be able to enjoy the new trail with spring coming our way, here is a photo that shows last year’s new trail:

Also close by, the bridge on Camilla Park was redeveloped and the North Playground has a new outdoor fitness area added in the last couple of years. Here is a photo of the new bridge:

Cooksville West Neighbourhood (Brickyards)
Another park that received renovations in Ward 7 was Brickyard Park in the Hillcrest area. The rubber surface for the play area has been replaced.

Erindale Village
Proudfoot street is set to be resurfaced this month and will be completed by next month. Other streets in the village will be resurfaced this summer.

That is not all. There are a number of other investments taking place across the ward.

Below is a list of upcoming projects in park development for Ward 7 to be completed this year:  

P-380   Parkerhill Playground Redevelopment                 
P-202    John C. Price Playground Redevelopment          
P-061    Mohawk Playground Redevelopment
P-416    Playground Sand Surfacing Replacement and Accessibility Improvements                           
P-061    Mohawk Park Trail Lighting
P-290    Dr. Martin L. Dobkin Community Park Trail Lighting
P-231    Kariya Park – Decking and fencing lifecycle restoration
P-138    Avongate Park – Trail Reconstruction
P-026    Huron Park – Trail Reconstruction
P-140    Knights of Columbus Place – Trail Reconstruction
P-400    City View Park – Trail Reconstruction

Update on Hurontario LRT
We have been hearing about the Hurontario LRT for years. The Hurontario LRT is one of the largest infrastructure projects to take place in Mississauga, and like any large project, it takes time. However, things are finally coming together and the project is becoming real. Below is a handy timeline. Please click to enlarge.  
You can now simply click on the link below to report a sighting. Here is the easily accessible link:  

So if you have your phone handy and you see a Coyote you could very easily report it in almost real time.

This reporting method will only be used for tracking and mapping purposes. The public should continue to contact Animal Services Dispatch at 905-615-3000 for any calls for service.