It has been almost two years since the LPAT decision on the EV Royale project was rendered. There has still been no progress on the 9 requirements the developer had to complete as directed by the LPAT report as a condition for approval to begin construction.

The community garbage bin has been returned and placed at the corner of Proudfoot and Dundas. This is for dog waste, not household garbage.

The sidewalk project on the north-side of Dundas is taking longer than was anticipated.  According to the City this is due to changes in the footprint and potential future usages.  It is now expected to be completed in the fall of 2022.

We have been in discussion with the City regarding the flooding issues on Dundas Crescent that happen after heavy rainfalls as well as the trees that require trimming.  The City will look into these and report back.

We have also shared with our Councilor, the concerns residents have had about the poor visibility at the corner of Adamson and Robinson.  We are working with the City on solutions. We will continue to bring this issue to our city contacts and keep you posted.