Our Constitution


This Association shall be known as “Erindale Village Association” and shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Association”.


The Association shall represent an area in the City of Mississauga bounded on the west by the Credit River and south by the Credit River, on the north by the north and south side of the Dundas Highway and on the east by Erindale United Church.


  1. To unite and represent the residents of the Erindale Village area in the City of Mississauga, in the Regional Municipality of Peel, in the Province of Ontario, (hereinafter referred to as the “area”) for the purpose of preserving and improving the present characteristics of the area as a residential area and considering and acting upon all matters relating to the amenities of the area and the comfort, safety and welfare of the residents of the area;
  2. To maintain liaison with elected representatives of the area at all levels of government, to inform residents of the area of all existing and pending legislation, by-laws, ordinances and other governmental regulations affecting the area and to submit briefs, petitions and requests to all levels of government on matters affecting the area;
  3. To take whatever steps may appear to the Association to be necessary or desirable to support or oppose proposed changes in land use which in the opinion of the Association affects the area, including participation in proceedings before municipal council, the Ontario Municipal Board, and the Lieutenant Governor In Council;
  4. To assist in the preparation, publication and execution of all by-laws, ordinances, and other governmental regulations designed to secure the comfort, safety and welfare of the residents of the area;
  5. To maintain liaison with and cooperate with other Associations of Ratepayers or residents in the regional municipality and elsewhere in the Province of Ontario on matters of common interest to ratepayers and residents of the regional municipality or of other areas within the province;
  6. To arrange and provide for or join in arranging for the holding of social functions.