Erindale Village Association Would Like To Show Our Appreciation

Complementary Pumpkins

On behalf of the residents of Erindale Village, we would like to thank Snobar Realty Group Inc. for the pumpkins their team provides annually every October to our neighbourhood. The Village really appreciates their generosity shown to Erindale Village year-round.


As a registered Community Group, we have the following benefits:


  • Discounted Affiliate group rental rate for facilities and equipment
  • 1 free room rental per month bookings for executive meetings
  • 1 free room rental per year for our annual general meeting
  • Priority facility booking
  • Permission to place a promotion/mobile sign on a City Road Allowance
  • Access to a City liaison
  • Discounted Community rate for Special Event Vendor licence
  • Use of the Registered Group Civic Mark on our collaterals such as websites, flyers, etc.